RAICES Action 2020 Candidate Score Card

We’re releasing a candidate scorecard to help you make informed decisions as you head to the polls. We want everyone voting in the Democratic primary to be aware of the candidates’ records on immigration.

Over the past four debates, the media has refused to ask questions about this important issue, and when they did, they ran out of time. This is unacceptable given all the non-stop xenophobic and racist attacks towards immigrants by the Trump administration. Because of that, we have decided to break down the policies to inform voters where candidates stand.

This scorecard represents the values, vision and principles that matter to us and we applaud those candidates who have made an effort to change course on immigration and to get away from the enforcement tactics that the last democratic administration, and the current anti-immigrant administration implemented.

View the scorecard here before you head out to the polls.

Letter Grades

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