Privacy Policy


Questions about CCPA, information selling, information on how to instruct us not to sell your information, to learn more about under what conditions we rent/sell/share information, see our Do Not Sell My Personal Information page.

We do not target, advertise-to, solicit, nor encourage children under the age of 13 to use our website.

We have two forms of information collecting on our website:

We utilize Google Analytics to track visitors to our website in a non-personally-identifying way so that, in aggregate form, we can review how many people are visiting our website, how they got to our website, how long they’re on our website, and what the last page they visited on our webpage is, along with other aggregate analytics. We use this information to improve the content on our pages, and improve our content on affiliate and social media websites, to encourage people to visit our website.

From time to time, we may use other aggregate analytics tools, in addition to Google Analytics.

We have a number of forms on our website that allow users to voluntarily submit information to us. We use this information to sign users up to our email list, allow users to donate to our organization, and to take various digital advocacy actions like signing petitions and contacting government officials about important issues.

For more information about our Donation Privacy Policy, see below.

Information sharing

We never sell or rent information to any for-profit entity. We may from time to time, share, swap, or sell information with like-minded not-for-profit organizations.

We currently don’t measure or track with cookies on servers or databases that we own or control, but our hosting partner, donation-partner, google analytics, and other technology partners may be setting cookies to provide us with information about which traffic sources are bringing us traffic and which traffic sources are bringing traffic that take certain actions like donate or fill out advocacy forms. We may begin using cookies ourselves in the future, and reserve the right to do so. We currently do not have a database of cookies at RAICES Action Fund. Our CRM hosting company, “EveryAction,” may collect cookies — to read EveryAction’s commitment to privacy, visit their Privacy Policy.

Local Storage
We do use browser-local-storage systems to remember a “source code” for how you came to visit our site, if you clicked through via an affiliate, from an email we sent you, from a post on social media, or other links that contain a source code. We use browser-local-storage to associate that source code with forms you fill out on our website, including donation forms, email-newsletter-signup forms, and digital advocacy forms. We use this information to evaluate which affiliate websites, posts, and third-party content channels are performing, so that we can adjust our relationships and content accordingly.

On our website we do not store, ask for, solicit or request any information from users regarding private medical information.

What information we collect
In addition to the above, our forms ask for name, email, address, credit-card, telephone, and email subscription preference information. We store all of this information via a technology partner called EveryAction. The payments themselves are processed via Paragon Payments. Neither RAICES Action Fund nor EveryAction store your credit card number — that is only stored by Paragon Payments, in their PCI compliant data-centers. To read EveryAction’s commitment to privacy, visit their Privacy Policy

We do not track users in any personally identifying way outside of our web-forms that explicitly ask for information from the user that the user then voluntarily submits. We do not have a database of what pages a user has visited, except for web-form pages that users have explicitly submitted to us. To read EveryAction’s commitment to privacy, visit their Privacy Policy

RAICES Action Fund Donor Privacy Policy

We Respect Your Privacy
RAICES Action Fund is committed to respecting the privacy of our generous donors, whether the donation is made online, by mail, or any other way. As a legal service provider, we understand confidentiality is important, and we protect all our donor information using industry standard safeguards.

What Information is Collected.
We collect and maintain the following types of donor information:

Contact information: name, organization/company, complete address, phone number, email address
Donation information: donation date(s), donation amount(s), donation method(s), donation designation(s)
Additional information: requests, comments and volunteer history.

Credit card numbers are NOT retained. You have the right to review the information we have collected about you. To review that information please contact us at [email protected]

How the Donor Information is Used.
RAICES Action Fund uses your data to maintain donation records, send tax acknowledgements, mail year-end tax statements, share newsletters and send direct mail pieces.

Our Commitment.
We do NOT list individuals’ names on ANY of our publications, including social media, unless a donor gives us specific permission.

Any vendors or partners are contractually obligated to treat our donor’s information with confidentiality and are prohibited from transferring that information elsewhere. To read EveryAction’s commitment to privacy, visit their Privacy Policy

Removing Your Name From Our Mailing List.
By providing us with your contact information, you consent to receiving periodic updates through mail and/or email, unless you request otherwise. Please contact us if you wish to be removed from our mailing list at [email protected]